Blockchain Security
Find and fix vulnerabilities in your blockchain code at lightning speed with artificial intelligence.
Scaled by AI
Integrate Foundry and Hardhat projects seamlessly, with zero configuration changes necessary.

Pull from GitHub, or import Solidity contracts directly using TestMachine's user-friendly web app, or its developer-friendly command-line interface (CLI).

Use AI to find and fix vulnerabilities in your code.

TestMachine's exclusive SnapScan instantly detects known vulnerabilities for apps built for Ethereum, Polygon, Avalance, Binance, and many more.

Improve code quality and reduce security risks using beautifully styled, informative security analysis reports.

Review reports on the web, or generate a PDF summary to be saved offline. With the command-line interface (CLI), developers can access reports as JSON to add TestMachine to any workflow or pipeline.

Take control with AI-powered blockchain security that scales with your project.

Defend against known vulnerabilities, or deploy TestMachine to actively search for unknown threats.


TestMachine is an AI platform designed to help developers and projects identify and fix vulnerabilities in smart contracts at lightning speed.

It provides immediate access to a suite of industry-standard tools for smart contract compilation, optimization, testing, and real-time security analysis, with instant report.

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Instant access to a suite of industry standard tools for compiling, optimizing, and testing smart contracts in real time.

No library dependencies or painful installations, allowing developers to analyze their smart contracts during the development process.

Discovery Mode
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Delve deeper into threat modeling and improve code quality, enriched by the power of AI.

Attack Mode
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Take full control over state-of-the-art AI that actively hunts for and identifies previously unknown threats.

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