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Find and fix vulnerabilities in your blockchain code at lightning speed with artificial intelligence
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TestMachine is an AI platform designed to help developers and projects identify and fix vulnerabilities in smart contracts at lightning speed.

It provides immediate access to a suite of industry-standard tools for smart contract compilation, optimization, testing, and real-time security analysis, with instant report.

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Our Mission

We aim to protect users from hacks using artificial intelligence. Our goal is to establish a safe blockchain ecosystem for businesses and developers.

By making sure people follow rules and using high-tech safety tools, we keep hackers away and build confidence.

  • Unit Tests
  • Code Analysis
  • Zero Configuration
  • Instant Security Analysis Reports
Generate blazing fast unit tests to functions
Create security analysis report with just a button
Use unparalleled static and dynamic code analysis
Zero configuration environment for developers
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Our take
TestMachine 0.5.0 - Silent Sentinel

Instant access to a suite of industry standard tools for compiling, optimizing, and testing smart contracts in real time.

No library dependencies or painful installations, allowing developers to analyze their smart contracts during the development process.

TestMachine 1.0.0 - Wayward Ghost
Coming Soon

Reinforcement learning algorithms that teach artificially intelligent agents to detect and exploit vulnerabilities in a smart contract.

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meet our team
Andrew Kilbride
Co-founder, CEO
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Andrew Kilbride is an operating executive with twenty years of experience working for venture and private equity backed companies.

Prior to TestMachine, Andrew worked at 4Logik, a low code platform for data engineers, a company backed by Hibbard Road Partners.

Mr. Kilbride was the founder of Foster Bridge Partners, which was sold to Common Sail Investment Group in 2017.

Mr. Kilbride in 2008, was the first investor and operating executive at 94Fifty, a sports technology start up utilizing technology developed at the University of Michigan.

Mr. Kilbride holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Matthew Lewis, Ph.D
Co-Founder, CTO
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Matthew Lewis received his Ph.D. in physics from the University of Michigan for his work describing cosmological models in the context of string theories. After graduating, he worked for eight years in the defense industry, at General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, focusing on the application of machine learning techniques to defense and intelligence problems, particularly in the realm of electronic warfare. Matthew served as principal investigator for the $20M DARPA Retriever program, as well as many other electronic warfare and machine learning programs for the Navy, NSA, and other U.S. Government agencies. Matthew currently applies machine learning technology to problems such as clean energy and early-stage disease detection. Over the last decade there have been dramatic advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, and Dr. Lewis has applied his expertise in aerospace, defense, healthcare and environmental use cases.

Oliver Hill
Head of Architecture

Oliver received his masters degree in Computer Science and Statistics from the University of Michigan and the University of California at Davis for his work characterizing and predicting ecological networks with machine learning methodology. After school, Oliver worked at many scales of business building software applications and applying machine learning to problems in the environmental, healthcare, and defense fields. In his most recent role, Oliver led the architecture, development, and implementation of a major government software system in Africa, funded by the Norwegian and UK governments, for tracking the timber supply chain from tree to export, allowing the government to reclaim control of their forest.

Cody Boyd
Head of Blockchain
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Mr. Boyd is a Diligent Communication Security Specialist with DoD Secret clearance proficient in communication security, research, planning, execution, and maintenance. Adept at training and educating internal users on relevant communication security procedures and preventative measures. Mr. Boyd specializes in network monitoring security software installation and working to prevent cyber attacks especially in business and corporate settings. Prior to joining TestMachine, Cody was the CTO of Fractal Studios, Fractal Studios is a cutting edge blockchain research and development firm for gaming and public ledger systems. Cody lead a global team of developers where he deployed numerous projects including a no code application for smart contracts. Cody is a veteran of the United States Army, and lives and works in Virginia with his family.

David Fernandez
Head of Developer Relations
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He is an accomplished blockchain developer and community leader who has built 4 successful blockchain development bootcamps for companies such as Bloomtech and Pesto Tech. His expertise has earned him invitations to speak at prestigious events such as the Global DeFi conference and The NFT Summit at Tech Circus. He is currently known for running the largest blockchain development community on LinkedIn, demonstrating his commitment to growing and connecting the blockchain industry.

AJ McBain
Artificial Intelligence Engineer
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AJ McBain is an Artificial Intelligence Engineer who specializes in developing machine learning algorithms. He has experience applying machine learning expertise to digital twins and has co-authored research on reinforcement learning. He graduated from the University of Michigan in 2020 with a B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering and a minor in Computer Science.

Andy Cho
Blockchain Security Engineer
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Working as a Smart contract developer and security auditor for 4 years. Having completed a rigorous blockchain engineering fellowship and completed CTF's such as Ethernaut, Capture the Ether, and Damn Vulnerable Defi. Prior to joining TestMachine, led the blockchain security team and participated in many audits of large blockchain platforms. During the audits, identified a lot of issues and saved more than $20M by improving smart contracts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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